Graphic Design Services


Starts From $280
  • 2 Initial Concepts
  • 3 Minor Revisions
  • Final Files: Ai, PDF, PNG, JPG
  • Branding Guide


Starts from $340
  • 1 Initial Concept
  • 3 Minor Revisions
  • Print Ready Files: Ai, PDF
  • High Resolution Mockup


Starts from $140
  • Choose Between Double Sided, Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold
  • 1 Initial Concept
  • 3 Minor Revisions
  • Print Ready Files: Ai, PDF


Starts from $450
  • 7 Listing Images
  • Infographic/Manipulation
  • 3 Minor Revisions
  • High Resolution Images
  • Stock Images


Starts from $350
  • Option With and Without Copywriting
  • 5 Modules
  • 1 Concept
  • Infographic/Manipulation
  • 3 Minor Revisions
  • Stock Images


Starts from $480
  • Option With and Without Copywriting
  • Basic 2 Pages
  • Between 6-8 Images in Total
  • 3 Minor Revisions
  • Stock Images


  • Insert Card Double-Sided $140
  • Insert Card Bi-Fold $200
  • Insert Card Tri-Fold $260
  • A+ Content - 5 Modules/Design Only $350
  • A+ Content - 5 Modules/Design, Copywriting & Wireframe $820
  • Storefront Design - Basic 2 Pages/Design Only $480
  • Storefront Design - Basic 2 Pages/Design, Copywriting & Wireframe $880
  • Additional Listing Image $70
  • Stock Image $10/per image
  • Brief for Listing Images $350
  • Consultation Call $80/30mins
  • Source PSD Files $30/per file

Photography Services


(Listing Images) Starts from $1240
  • 1 Hero Image
  • 6 Listing Images
  • All Retouched Photos Used in Listing Images (White Background + Lifestyle)
  • 2 Locations (Studio + 1 Lifestyle)
  • Consultation Call 30mins


(Listing Images & A+ Content) Starts from $2290
  • 2 Hero Images
  • 6 Listing Images
  • A+ Content - 5 Modules (Graphics, Text Modules & Wireframe)
  • All Retouched Photos Used in Listing Images and A+ Content (White Background + Lifestyle)
  • 2 Locations (Studio + 1 Lifestyle)
  • Consultation Call 1hr


(Listing Images, A+ Content, Full Copywriting) Starts from $2620
  • 2 Hero Images
  • 6 Listing Images
  • A+ Content - 5 Modules (Graphics, Text Modules & Wireframe)
  • All Retouched Photos Used in Listing Images and A+ Content (White Background + Lifestyle)
  • 2 Locations (Studio + 1 Lifestyle)
  • Consultation Call 1hr
  • Listing Copywriting (Fully Optimized Title, Bullet Points, Product Description, Back End Keywords, Organic Keyword Spreadsheet, Text for Main Listing images

if you need customized photography plan. please send us your project brief on:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Before we start working on each project, you will be asked to fill out a brief. The brief will contain all the details required for us to start your project. If you need product photography, please read steps how product photography works on our Home page. Once the brief is completed, we will require upfront payment to start working on the project.

Please check our portfolio for a detailed description.

We accept bank account transfers and PayPal payments. We will require upfront payment to start any project and the transaction fees will be covered by the client.

We will keep them for just one month, after that, all your files will be deleted from our folder so we can free up space for new clients. We urge you to please download your files as soon as we send them to you, so you don’t lose them in the process.

3 revisions. Those revisions do not include:
1) A new concept. If you require a new concept, you will need to place your order again and receive a completely new plan.
2) Reshoots. We will include image revisions free of charge if your product haven’t managed to present your product accurately enough in our photographs. It will require an additional shooting fee for the images to be reshot, if you are not happy with an angle, the model’s pose, background or lighting (given that this is something we will be discussing before the actual project starts).

Cost for additional revision for an already existing concept will depend on complexity of revision. Once we see details of the revision, we'll give you a quote.


Yes. But we will be needing print ready file of your box design in Ai, EPS or PDF format. This is the same file that you send to your supplier or printing company to print your box design. Without this file a mockup cannot be done.

This will depend on the number of infographics you need. Please contact us to discuss the details.

3D modeling is the process of developing a photorealistic representation of any surface of an object in three dimensions via softwares such as 3D Max or Blender. The photorealistic product is called a 3D model. Not every product you come across is a 3D model with a white background. Some of them are real images taken by a photographer. Be sure not to confuse which one of the two you will be needing, as there is a significant difference which you need to specify when you discuss it with the designer.

For this service you will need a 3D developer who has experience in software such as 3D Max or Blender. Though we don’t do this per say, we can offer you our 3D developer, provided that you ask us for his availability and price range in advance. The final cost and other details will depend on the complexity of your product. We can make some simple or flat products in Adobe Photoshop, such as towels, blankets, bags, mouse pads, but if you’re selling complex product with a lot of details, such as blender, coffee maker etc. you will be needing a professional 3D developer.

A dieline is a flat, two-dimensional template showing the outlines that will be applied to all sides of your packaging. A dieline is not printed on the final piece but is used to determine correct layout and dimensions. You can ask your supplier or printing company to send you your dielines. The acceptable formats for this are Ai, EPS or PDF.

Yes, however, images of your product need to be taken from the same angle as the stock photo. If they are not done from the same angle, the finished result will not look realistic. This is something that we would not recommend. If you purchased one of our plans (basic or premium), we will provide you with an image of your product photographed from the same angle as your stock photo. If you are not sure if your stock photo is good enough for this type of photo manipulation, send us a message beforehand to check if you should actually purchase it.

You can purchase stock images and send us to use in your listing design, or we can purchase it for you and add additional cost of it to your invoice.


Yes, you will need to send us your 2 new, production quality samples and also handle the shipping and custom fee. We do not accept samples with defects. Make sure to write that the reason for shipment is a gift (not samples) and put the lowest value of the product ($2-8) to avoid additional custom fees. Higher the value of the sample - bigger chance there will be additional custom fee. If there is additional custom fee, we will pay on your behalf and include it in the invoice. Once you ship your samples, send us a tracking number so that we can check when we will receive it.

When we finish the project completely, we will dispose or keep your product. We don't offer a service of returning a product to a client at this moment.

Of course! We have worked with hundreds of Amazon sellers and we understand what has the best selling rates on the platform. The cost for creative brief for listing images is $250.

$250 covers a written strategic plan of photoshooting and what your listing should look like. If necessary, we'll find stock images that will be used in design of your listing too. We will discuss possible modifications, and only after your approval will we proceed with photoshooting and design.

Yes. You own all the photos included in the plan.

Yes, we hire professional models for each photography project. You can provide us with details on what your model should look like and you can also send a reference. The price for a standard model (example: woman, age between 25-30 years) is $40 per hour. When we see your full brief, we will be able to tell how many hours will we be needing the model for and what the final cost will come to. For specific requests, such as babies, seniors (65+), cats/dogs, plus-sized or pregnant women, please discuss this with us first so we can check if they are available the day of the photo shoot and if they meet all of your criteria. Prices for type specific requests can vary.

We can incorporate multiple colors and style variations for your product in one photography plan. Our prices are based on 1 product variation per project. If you require additional product variations to be shot, we will be happy to help you for an additional fee. Please send us your brief first so that we can give you a quote.

Yes, we do not share any of your images with other clients, nor do we put them in our portfolio without your permission. The information that you give us about your business, product and project is confidential. However, we keep the right to share your images and information for training a new team member.